Vikas Verma

General Manager for City Realty Group
Ray White Auckland Central

Vikas Verma is the General Manager of Ray White City Realty Group where he has found a natural fit with colleagues, some of whose friendships have already been developed over years of professional engagement. With previous roles in Media and over 15 years at NZME running big teams with big cultures he is able to enact the group's vision by growing knowledge and networks along with performance and personalities.

Raised in a home where challenging the norms, thinking for yourself and striving for self improvement were honored above all else, Vikas is a naturally curious, rational and empathetic person whose love of analysing business and behaviour led him to his current role. 

An open-book whose work and personal life blend seamlessly it's natural that business is not always done across a boardroom table - sometimes it's done while sharing a meal, getting the creative juices flowing and sealing it all with a handshake. His ethos is that people thrive when respected so to establish cultures unrestrained by the status-quo he is always being collaborative, always empowering and always engaging. When he's not out and about enjoying fine food, fine wine or a fine single malt he's out and about on his bicycle taking time out to take a listen to himself and lift the spirits.

Vikas has the teams back so they can create, recognise and grow.

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  • 2022/2023 - Premier Business Leader of Ray White City Realty Group
  • 2021/2022 - Chairman's Elite Business Leader of Ray White City Realty Group
  • 2021/2022 - Elite Business Leader of Ray White City Realty Group