Three-time Olympic gold medallist Ray White NZ’s newest Brand Ambassador



After winning three Olympic gold medals, retired champion rower and road cyclist Hamish Bond is joining the Ray White New Zealand team as its newest Brand Ambassador. 

Mr. Bond took home the Olympic gold in the men’s pair at London 2012 and Rio 2016, before leading the men’s eight to gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Joining the team on April 1, 2022, Mr. Bond will be Ray White NZ’s Brand Ambassador for the next three years. 

“I’m excited to come on board with the Ray White NZ team,” Mr. Bond said. 

“It has been a dynamic and challenging environment for everybody these past couple of years so I’m looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership with good people. 

“I think there are certain synergies between business and sport, but further than this, what I appreciate about Ray White are their solid values and desire to bring benefits to all those whom they transact business with and to all those that trust their careers to the ‘Ray White’ name.”

Mr. Bond said he is looking forward to sharing some of the knowledge he has developed of his sporting career with the Ray White family. 

“I think I have developed some skills and expertise in continually seeking daily improvement and never settling for sub-optimal performance,” he said. 

“I hope to spread some of this gold dust throughout the Ray White universe, hopefully aiding a better understanding of each individual’s ‘why’. 

“Having a solid ‘why’ is fundamental to both goal setting and attainment.  

“I look forward to getting to know the people in the business and discovering less obvious ways that I can add value.” 

Ray White New Zealand chief agency officer Treena Drinnan said she was delighted to have Mr. Bond as Brand Ambassador over the next three years.

“We consider his role in the company to be an advocate to those who want to become ambitious next leaders,” Ms. Drinnan said. 

“Hamish has endured a high level of performance and, in doing so, has had to make decisions on the way he was best supported in his efforts to achieve the highest level of sporting accolades. 

“This came with sacrifice linked with achievement. 

“We believe Hamish will provide insight into personal growth, capacity, and decision-making around performance and expectation.”