Ray White New Zealand appoints new Chief Agency Officer

The Ray White Group in New Zealand continues to achieve accelerated growth across the real estate industry, with the company recently opening its 181st and 182nd office with the established Crockford Real Estate team in Tauranga.

This demonstrates how Ray White has continued to build resources around the strong business owner model that attracts leading operators to join the Ray White Group.

In ensuring the success of the business, Ray White has appointed Treena Drinnan to the leadership team as the Chief Agency Officer of Ray White New Zealand.

This position brings about a model of implementation and growth of various systems and structures within the Ray White Group which support each of the stakeholders to confidently align and grow their business with Ray White.

Particular areas of importance with this position are future leaders, onboarding of new offices, and the growth together with career development of Ray White members.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand said the position was one of the most important in the company and the role that Ms Drinnan played in engaging members had been recognised in her being selected to take on this role with deeper engagement.

“There are a lot of moving parts within our organisation and the ability to recognise each of our members, both individually and collectively, helps with the design of our business together with the success at the transaction-end for the company,” Mr Smith said.

“The role of the Chief Agency Officer ensures all of these areas are successful.”

Ms Drinnan, who joined the Ray White New Zealand leadership team in January, was excited to take on the new role of Chief Agency Officer.

Ms Drinnan said the role would allow the ability to recognise and implement a strategy that helps each member, not only during the transaction, but well before to get better decision-making in alignment with positive outcomes.

“Areas like systems education, career development and industry relations all form part of what I see as being integral to the success of our business, and I’m looking forward to high engagement as our group continues with the success and momentum going forward,” Ms Drinnan said.

The Ray White group has 182 community-based offices across New Zealand and is entrusted with over 19,000 property listings which are converted to $11.4 billion worth of sales annually.

The Ray White Group also has a successful property management division with over 18,300 properties under management, which represents $11 billion worth of property in the property management portfolio.