Dickson Lee

Licensee Salesperson
Ray White Epsom

With 43 properties sold in a tough 2020 market and over 90 properties sold in 2020/21, the evidence is clear, conclusive and irrefutable. Through sales concluded predominantly in the Eastern Bays & Remuera areas, Team Ruoxi & Dickson achieved Ray White Chairman Elite Performer (top 1% in the entire Ray White network) status in just 8 months through the financial year 2020/2021, and Ray White Elite and Premier Performer status in the financial years 2019/2020, 2020/2021 and 2021/2022. In a short period of time, Team Ruoxi & Dickson has achieved what others can take decades to achieve and established themselves as the top real estate team in the Eastern Bays & Remuera areas.

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Here's why you should choose Team Ruoxi & Dickson:

  • Proven and measurable track record with Chairman Elite status (top 1% of Ray White) in a short space of time
  • True Eastern Bays and Remuera real estate specialists - 95% of their sales concluded in these areas
  • #1 Orakei Sales Team in 2021 across all agencies (volume and sales number)
  • Natively bilingual in English and Mandarin to cater to all your buyers
  • Strong digital marketing expertise to ensure you get top dollar through unique and modern marketing campaigns
  • Legal backgrounds from top law firms with clear intellect to troubleshoot problems as and when they arise
  • Deep database of the hottest buyers today

When you are looking to sell your home for top dollar with the least amount of stress, you need a top performing team with a proven track record - a team of professionals who understands that:

  • your time is precious
  • your home is unique
  • your needs are multi-faceted
  • you expect top-class service
  • deal-making abilities in the current Auckland property market are critical.

With a burning desire to help property owners achieve their dreams after helping top companies achieve theirs, Dickson brings to you intellect, drive, attention to detail, impeccable negotiating skills, high level of client care and a unyielding commitment to your success.

Previously a finance lawyer at leading New Zealand law firm Chapman Tripp and international law firm Clifford Chance in Singapore and New York, Dickson has worked across CEOs, CFOs and other leading executives in large companies and government agencies across the globe and assisted them with their complex multi-billion dollar fund-raising transactions in the debt and equity capital markets. This has resulted in him being recognised as a top finance lawyer on Who’s Who Legal 2018 and 2019.

Having cultivated an extensive network of c-suite professionals and graduated summa cum laude (and 2nd in his cohort) from the prestigious Faculty of Law in Singapore Management University, Dickson stands out to provide true-blue, top notch deal-making, legal and negotiating expertise.

Having personally worked on for-profit marketing projects in his spare time, Dickson is intimately familiar with the intricacies of the various social media and search engine platforms, and possesses the technical expertise to drive eyeballs and buyers to your home and maximise the sale price.

Highly proficient in written and spoken English and Mandarin, and with conversational ability in Cantonese and Hokkien, Dickson works seamlessly across clients of different backgrounds, offering you the undeniable advantage of being able to cultivate and nurture the most number of buyers for your property.

In short, Dickson is there with his wife and business partner Ruoxi Wang to ensure that the sale of your most valuable asset goes smoothly and for the best possible price. If you are looking for the top performing team to push the marketing boundaries, deliver top-notch customer service and maximise your chances of success in this market, then the choice is obvious.

Experience The Difference. Ours.

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在2020/2021年如此严峻的市场形势下,售出东海湾和Remuera高端地区的70多栋房产,销售成果就是最好的证据。Ruoxi&Dickson团队在2020/2021财年度的短短8个月内就取得了RayWhite销售精英地位(在RayWhite网络中排名前1%),同时也是2019/2020和2020/2021财年度的RayWhite卓越销售人。短短几个月,Ruoxi&Dickson团队实现了许多其他团队需要数年才能实现的目标。我们双语精通,也是前律师,能够利用最新的销售策略,让您的房子取得最高的曝光率,轻易达到您心里价位。立即联系若希 (022 683 6391 或者微信联系 dlee007007),体验我们与众不同的销售攻略。欢迎游览我们的官方网站 了解详情。 


  • Ray White Elite Performer 2021/2022 (top 3% in Ray White)
  • Ray White Premier Performer 2021/2022 (top 10% in Ray White)
  • Ray White Chairman Elite Performer 2020/2021 (top 1% in Ray White)
  • Ray White Elite Performer 2020/2021 (top 3% in Ray White)
  • Ray White Premier Performer 2020/2021 (top 10% in Ray White)
  • Ray White Premier Performer 2019/2020 (top 10% in Ray White)

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  • 2021/2022 - Elite Performer
  • 2021/2022 - Premier Performer

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